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TrustedPoint is a a staking provider for PoS blockchains. We do ensure reliability, security and decentralisation of our service

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Make it easy on yourself and use our calculator to simulate your daily, monthly or annual rewards for any project we support. We offer competitive commission rates to help you maximize your profits and make the most of your assets.

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ABOUT TrustedPoint

We boast more than ten years of hands-on expertise in the installation, deployment, and administration of high-performance services. Our server infrastructure is meticulously designed to sustain peak throughput levels thanks to redundant networking elements that guarantee outstanding uptime.


We develop a comprehensive set of powerful and efficient tools that are important when it comes to scalability, maintaining high uptime and providing a good user experience.


We are successfully backed by an experienced team, technically advanced community from all over the world as well as dependable hosting providers.


Our goal is to be a reliable and trusted partner for projects, and to help them achieve success through innovative different solutions that deliver real value and impact.

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We are a team of experienced Data and DevOps Engineers, Full-Stack Developers, and Research and Business Development Professionals: a team that you can rely on.